Nachts. Ich gehe mit einer Gruppe afghanischer Jugendlicher nach Hause. Einer von ihnen, er ist gerade 18 geworden, spricht mit starken amerikanischen Akzent. Als er mir von seiner Familie erzählt, schließt er mit den Worten. "Im the big bro."


- "How come your english is so good?"

"I learned it back then. When the Taliban were in power."

Ich bin irritiert.


"We had a tv. My father smuggled it with his bike from the border of pakisan. I watched american and hindu movies. That's how I learned it."

- "Would be funny if youd tell that to these guys."


"I talked to some of them. Actually I was so young that I didnt realize they were doing anything bad. It was years later when I realized how bad these times were. I just dont remember that much."

- "Well maybe that's not too bad."


"Only thing I remember is when they slapped my grandmother."

- "What for?"

"She was wearing jeans on the streets."


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