ein junger afghane

Ein junger Afghane kommt an den Tisch, er hat gerade mit einem Politiker geredet und Werbung gemacht für eigene Projekte. Er setzt sich und schenkt sich ein großes Glas voll Whiskey ein. Dann sagt er:

„You know Afghanistan is different from everywhere in the world. If you want to achieve something, you need to have patience. A lot of patience. And you need to bring an extra bag of patience. Actually you need to bring an extra heart, an extra liver, an extra stomage, everything, because you will need it. You need to have them in your car, so that you can change.“

Ich lache. Ziemlich laut.

„Youre laughing. You know why? Because you know that im right. I just talked a lot, so I came here to get me a new heart and a new liver, before I get upstairs again.“

„You know, if you need it, I can borrow you mine“

„Really? Because, you know, I will need it. I brought ten more, but I will need yours too. Not now, I have one left, but later. I will get upstairs again. But before – I have to drink this" – und kippt sich den Whiskey runter.