5/11, 8:52pm



Ronja Von Wurmb-Seibel

5/11, 8:59pm



5/11, 9:04pm

How are you?


Ronja Von Wurmb-Seibel

5/11, 9:07pm

im fine thanks, right now in Kabul

what about you?


5/13, 3:21 pm

Oh good

Sorry the internet is bad here in syria

Be safe


Ronja Von Wurmb-Seibel

5/13, 4:20pm

you be safe!

where abouts are you?


5/13, 4:24pm

What u mean?


Ronja von Wurmb-Seibel

5/13, 7:23pm

i mean, in which area...


5/14, 8:47pm

Aleppo of syrra


Ronja Von Wurmb-Seibel

5/14, 8:49pm

oh, take care then please!!


5/14, 8:49pm

I do thanks

What u do in kabul ?


Ronja Von Wurmb-Seibel

5/14, 9:02pm

Im doing a research

I work as a journalist


5/14, 9:03pm

Okey take care .


Ronja Von Wurmb-Seibel

5/14, 9:03pm

you take care!

is the situation getting any better in aleppo?


5/14, 9:08pm


It is


Ronja Von Wurmb-Seibel

5/14, 9:12pm

oh that is so good to hear...

but still: take care


5/14, 9:21pm

I gona stay alive to see the end


Ronja Von Wurmb-Seibel

5/14, 9:22 pm

You will! and then: new beginnings


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


11/25, 4:48pm

Hey i hope you fine and well


Ronja Von Wurmb-Seibel

11/25, 4:50 pm

i am, how are you?

where are you?


11/25, 4:52pm

i'm fine

i'm in aleppo city


Ronja Von Wurmb-Seibel


whats going on these days?

can you keep yourself safe somehow?


11/25, 4:54pm


'm wanted for ISIS


Ronja Von Wurmb-Seibel

11/25, 4:56 pm

shit. thats so bad


11/25, 4:58pm

in these day they are very strong


Ronja Von Wurmb-Seibel

11/25, 5:01pm

im so sorry to hear that

can I do anything to help you?


11/25, 5:03pm

pray for the GOD help me



Ronja Von Wurmb-Seibel

11/25, 5:04pm

I will do, promised!

any opportunity to leave the country?


11/25, 5:04pm

thank you

i can leave

but i will not do it


Ronja Von Wurmb-Seibel

11/25, 5:05pm

why not?


11/25, 5:06pm

I go out ato the streets

for freedom

and the thing turn to this


Ronja Von Wurmb-Seibel

11/25, 5:08pm

Thats very brave



11/25, 5:09pm

i iwill not let the normal people to face them alone

that's all



Ronja Von Wurmb-Seibel

11/25, 5:10pm

ja, that's all and that's brave ;)

what are you doing on the streets? demonstrating?

(sorry for all my stupid questions, life is just so different here)


11/25, 5:13 pm

no problem

from the 1 year ago

i work ass journalist


for international media

 and ISIS catch us one bye one

so may be the gonna catch me soon

and if they see you in my friend list they gonna say that i'm spy

and you know the rest

so i have to delete you from my freind list

give more chance to stay alive


Ronja Von Wurmb-Seibel

11/25, 5:17 pm

ja of course!

do it as soon as possible!

and please stay safe!

let's hope for the best!



11/25, 5:18pm

me too



Ronja Von Wurmb-Seibel

11/25, 5:18 pm

bye bye!